About Us

ViziRail is one of Australia’s leading providers of tailored solutions to the rail industry specialising in advanced scheduling and monitoring software.

Currently our solutions are assisting rail enterprises plan and deliver train services in mining, long haul freight and urban passenger transport markets. Founded in Adelaide in 2000, ViziRail’s customers include Australia’s leading Rail Infrastructure Managers and Rail Transport Operators.

The flagship ViziRail product is an integrated suite of scheduling and monitoring modules covering the operations business cycle from train timetabling to access billing and reporting. Key functionality includes long-term-planning, daily train path planning, track possession scheduling, train consist validation, on-time reporting, incident/delay reporting and live train graph.

ViziRail works closely with all its clients to customise solutions, to ensure they are best fit and suit the requirements of the business.

ViziRail is an ISO9001 certified quality organisation committed to applying leading edge IT to the rail industry.


We work closely with our long time clients to help them maximise their productivity and achieve their goals.

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Botswana Railways
John Holland
One Rail
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