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Daily Train Path Ordering System (DTPOS)

The one-stop shop for all communication between Rail Operators and Rail Infrastructure Managers.

Request Train Paths

Path applications are submitted to the relevant Rail Infrastructure Managers (RIM) the train traverses through. Reports provide approval information for the path application to be viewed when received by the RIMs.

Request TrainsSubmit ConsistsView Approvals

Confirm and Cancel Timetabled Paths

Timetable paths are confirmed, cancelled or amended by the operator and communicated to the RIMs. The complete train journey of approved ad-hoc services and timetable paths are viewed on a train report and available to download or print.

Confirm Timetabled TrainsCancel TrainsSubmit AmendmentsView Train Schedules

Submit Train Consists

Communicate the load of the train to the Rail Infrastructure Managers (RIM) by detailing the locomotive and vehicle details for the relevant attach location. Consists may be submitted from all relevant tabs.

Submit ConsistsView Reports

Receive Instant Feedback from Rail Infrastructure Managers

Feedback from the RIMs regarding path or amendment applications are able to be viewed and tracked, providing operators the ability to keep up to date with the approval information of each application.

View Updates from RIMs

View Latest Billing Information

Billing files made available from the RIMs are able to be viewed and downloaded, allowing analysis and processing by operators as soon as they are available.

Sydney Trains Only

View all Trains Latest Positions

The latest position of each train is able to be viewed on the Train Map based on the latest train event information made available from the RIMs. A train running report is available to view the actual schedule of the train.

Sydney Trains Only

Analyse Operational Summary Information for Trains

Train Operation information is viewed on a reporting dashboard for trains that have completed their journey or are currently running. Net & Gross Tonnes is available to be viewed for all trains and customised by commodity or operator.

Sydney Trains Only

View Impact of Special Train Notices on Trains

Train and STN information is viewed on a reporting dashboard for altered or cancelled trains due to a STN. The impact of the STN is available for viewing in a schematic diagram.

Sydney Trains Only

View Track Possession Information for the RIMs Network

Possession information is viewed on a reporting dashboard for track possessions occuring on the network. The impact to trains and the associated STN information is available for viewing.

Sydney Trains Only